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      AUTHOR = {Koreman, Jacques and Andreeva, Bistra and Barry, William J.},
      TITLE = {Relational Phonetic Features for Consonant Identification in a Hybrid ASR System},
      YEAR = {1997},
      VOLUME = {3},
      PAGES = {83-110},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {In this article we discuss implementation of some fundamental phonetic ideas related to what we shall call relational processing in a cross-language consonant identification system. The term relational processing refers to the way vowel transitions play a role in the identification of neighbouring consonants. Two experiments are described: first, consonant identification results from a hidden Markov modelling experiment are presented for consonants plus the preceding and following vowel transitions, if present. The results are compared to a baseline experiment, in which the vowel transitions are not used in the identification of the consonants. In the second experiment, the acoustic parameters are first mapped onto phonetic features; this mapping is performed by a Kohonen network1. Since vowel transitions are considered to be particularly important for identification of the place of articulation of the neighbouring consonant, only the place features (and not the consonants' manner features or the phonetic features of the vowel to which the transitions belong) are derived for the vowel transitions. Separate hidden Markov models are trained for the consonants, for the vowel offset and vowel onset transitions which share all consonantal place-of-articulation features. Concatenations of these models form the phone-like recognition units (comparable to the concatenation of phone models for the recognition of words in a conventional ASR system) which are later used for consonant identification. The results are compared with a baseline experiment in which no acoustic-phonetic mapping is performed. The experiments show that relational processing improves the consonant identification results.},
      ANNOTE = {COLIURL : Koreman:1997:RPF.pdf}
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