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      AUTHOR = {Koreman, Jacques},
      TITLE = {The Effects of Stress and F0 on the Voice Source},
      YEAR = {1995},
      VOLUME = {1},
      PAGES = {105-120},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {In this paper, we present data on the qualitative difference in the voice source characteristics in stressed versus unstressed syllables; for the unstressed syllables, we will further point out the qualitative differences dependent on high versus low F0 (fundamental frequency of the vocal fold vibrations). The voice source characteristics will be described in terms of a set of parameters extracted from the inverse filtered signal, consisting of the parameters OQ (open quotient), rk (pulse skewing), Ee (excitation strength), AC (peak-to-peak airflow) and DC offset (leak flow). We attempt to give a physiological explanation for our findings by comparing our data with those from other experiments, discussed in the literature. We also compare our findings with the predictions from modelling studies, and suggest some improvements of the phonation models to obtain a better correspondence between their predictions and our results. The physiological interpretation of our findings remains tentative, since no direct physiological measurements were made. Nevertheless we are able to propose a consistent explanation for the behaviour of the glottal parameter values that were observed.},
      ANNOTE = {Koreman:1995:ESF}
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