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      AUTHOR = {Grice, Martine and Savino, Michelina},
      TITLE = {Intonation and Communicative Function in a Regional Variety of Italian},
      YEAR = {1995},
      VOLUME = {1},
      PAGES = {19-32},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {This paper looks at a number of types of yes-no questions in Bari Italian: QUERIES, CHECKS and ALIGNS, as discussed in Carletta et al (1995), and another move referred to as OBJECT, which is both a response to what has just been said and a demand for clarification. The 'questioning' pitch accent identified in Grice and Savino (1995) is found in QUERIES, most ALIGNS, tentative and reasonably confident CHECKS, and OBJECTS. It is absent from very confident CHECKS or ALIGNS, in which cases the intonation pattern used is indistinguishable from that used in statements. A tripartite subcategorisation of CHECKS, according to the degree of confidence of the speaker, is reflected in the intonation by differences not only in accent type, but also in phrasing, and presence or absence of deaccenting.},
      ANNOTE = {COLIURL : Grice:1995:ICFb.pdf}
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