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      AUTHOR = {Gabsdil, Malte and Striegnitz, Kristina},
      TITLE = {Classifying Scope Ambiguities},
      YEAR = {2000},
      JOURNAL = {Journal of Language and Computation},
      VOLUME = {1},
      NUMBER = {2},
      PAGES = {291-297},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {We describe the architecture and implementation of a system which compares semantic representations of natural language input w.r.t. equivalence of logical content and context change potential. By using automated theorem proving we compute a graph-like structure which represents the relationships that hold between different readings of a given sentence. The information encoded in the graph-structure can be useful for discourse processing systems where knowledge about the relative logical strength of readings might be used to reduce the number of readings that have to be considered during processing. The system relies heavily on existing implementations and code available via the internet. These are integrated and put to the desired use by a Prolog interface. By illustrating the architecture of this system, we want to argue that it is possible to build rather complex systems involving multiple levels of linguistic processing without having to spend an unreasonably large amount of time on the implementation of basic functionalities.},
      ANNOTE = {COLIURL : Gabsdil:2000:CSA.pdf}
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