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      AUTHOR = {DŁnges, Petra},
      TITLE = {Eventualities in Time},
      YEAR = {1998},
      BOOKTITLE = {23rd International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (MFCS '98). Workshop on Mathematical Linguistics, August 24-28},
      PAGES = {51-60},
      EDITOR = {Kudlek, M.},
      ADDRESS = {Brno, Czech Republic},
      ABSTRACT = {This paper addresses the general question of how eventualities should be localized in time. The answer given here is mainly inspired by the model theory of Discourse Representation Theory (DRT) as presented in From Discourse to Logic by Kamp and Reyle. We show that there is a mathematical problem concerning the localization function used in that book. And we propose a remedy for this problem. The general picture that emerges should be interesting not only for DRT but for other theories using an eventuality-based semantics as well.}
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