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      AUTHOR = {Crouch, Richard and Frank, Anette and van Genabith, Josef},
      TITLE = {Linear Logic based Transfer and Structural Misalignment},
      YEAR = {2001},
      BOOKTITLE = {4th International Workshop on Comutational Semantics (IWCS-4), January 10-12},
      EDITOR = {Bunt, Harry and van der Sluis, Ielka and Thijsse, Elias},
      ADDRESS = {Tilburg, The Netherlands},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {Genabith, Frank and Dorna, 1998) described an approach to ambiguity preserving machine translation, where transfer takes place on the glue language meaning constructors of (Dalrymple et al. 1996). Unfortunately, it did not deal with structural misalignment problems, such as embedded head switching, in a fully satisfactory way. This paper proposes the use of a fragment of linear logic as a transfer formalism, and shows how it provides a more general and satisfactory solution to the difficulties encountered by (Genabith, Frank and Dorna, 1998).},
      ANNOTE = {COLIURL : Crouch:2001:LLB.pdf}
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