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      AUTHOR = {Dünges, Petra},
      TITLE = {Arabic children´s literature today : determining factors and tendencies},
      YEAR = {2011},
      JOURNAL = {Publications of the Modern Language Association of America},
      VOLUME = {126},
      NUMBER = {1},
      PAGES = {170-181},
      ABSTRACT = {In spite of great obstacles, modern Arabic children's literature has seen remarkable developments lately, both in quality of text and illustrations and in breadth of subject matter. Moreover, the intricate question of which variety of Arabic to use in writing for children can now be answered in different ways, closely linked to different conceptions of Arab culture. In this essay, I discuss children's fiction published in the last twenty years in the Arab world that is, in the League of Arab States. This area shows great political and socioeconomic diversity but is unified through culture and not least through the Arabic language. I am mainly interested in books originally written in Arabic, but I also take a look at Arab children's literature in foreign languages. Translations into Arabic and children's magazines I only mention in passing.},
      NOTE = {MP}
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