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Rui Wang, Yi Zhang, We Qui, Mosha Chen, Tingyu Li, Wenbo Zhang and Tianfang Yao. Combining data-driven constituent and dependency parsers for CIPS-ParsEval-2009. In Proceedings of CIPS-ParsEval-2009, Chinese Information Processing Society, Beijing, China, 2009.
Note: HU.
      AUTHOR = {Wang, Rui and Zhang, Yi and Qui, We and Chen, Mosha and Li, Tingyu and Zhang, Wenbo and Yao, Tianfang},
      TITLE = {Combining data-driven constituent and dependency parsers for CIPS-ParsEval-2009},
      YEAR = {2009},
      BOOKTITLE = {Proceedings of CIPS-ParsEval-2009},
      ADDRESS = {Beijing, China},
      ORGANIZATION = {Chinese Information Processing Society},
      NOTE = {HU}
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