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      AUTHOR = {Baumann, Stefan},
      TITLE = {Zum Verhältnis von Akzentform und kognitivem Status von Diskurseinheiten},
      YEAR = {1999},
      BOOKTITLE = {Convivium. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Polen 1999},
      PAGES = {201-224},
      EDITOR = {Joachimsthaler, J. and Engel, U. and Kaszynski, S. H.},
      SERIES = {Reihe Germanistik},
      ADDRESS = {Bonn},
      ABSTRACT = {This article deals with accent placement in spontaneous German speech. Using data from an extempore narrative as an example, the author discusses to what extent accent placement on a discourse unit is influenced by semantic-syntactic principles on the one hand and pragmatic considerations on the other. Of particular interest is the question whether there is a correspondence between the phonetic form of an accent a speaker assigns to a constituent (low or high pitch accent) and the constituent's assumed activation state in the addressee's consciousness (given or new) at the time of utterance.},
      ANNOTE = {COLIURL : Baumann:1999:VAK.pdf}
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