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      AUTHOR = {van Noord, Gertjan and Kordoni, Valia},
      TITLE = {A Raising Analysis of the Dutch Passive},
      YEAR = {2005},
      BOOKTITLE = { The Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar, Department of Informatics, University of Lisbon, August 23-24, 2005},
      PAGES = {410-426},
      EDITOR = {Müller, Stefan},
      ADDRESS = {Stanford},
      PUBLISHER = {CSLI Publications},
      ABSTRACT = {This paper focuses on passive constructions in Dutch. Specifically, we focus on worden, as well as krijgen passives in Dutch, for which we propose a uniform, raising analysis in HPSG. We also show that such an analysis can be carried over to account for passives cross-linguistically. Specifically, we look at corresponding structures in German and show that there is no need for a dual raising and control analysis for the German ``agentive\'\' (werden) and the German ``dative\'\' (kriegen) passives, respectively, as has been proposed in Müller (2002) and Müller (2003)},
      NOTE = {ISSN 1535-1793}
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