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      AUTHOR = {Rhie, Sung Ja and Barry, William J. and Koreman, Jacques},
      TITLE = {Syllable Structure and Duration in the Realisation of German Rhythm by Korean Learners},
      YEAR = {1997},
      VOLUME = {3},
      PAGES = {111-141},
      URL = {},
      ABSTRACT = {Sentences read and imitated by four Korean learners of German, two advanced and two beginners, containing selected two-, three- and four-syllable words were compared with readings of the same sentences by two native speakers of German. The words were also varied systematically in their complexity and in the familiarity of their syllable structure. They combined familiar and unfamiliar sounds with known [CV(son)] and unknown [C(C)VC(C)] syllables. The realisations by the Korean learners were analysed for deviations from the native productions with respect to pause behaviour, articulation rate, the duration of the selected words, and the relative syllable duration within those words. Results show that unfamiliar sounds, syllable structure and Korean syllable-dependent rhythmic patterning combine to interfere with the production of the correct German rhythm. As the length and the syllable complexity of the German target words increases so does the degree of deviation from the native German patterns. Length of exposure to German did not appear to guarantee a closer approximation to the target patterns, but all learners were able to modify their L2-productions in the imitation task.},
      ANNOTE = {COLIURL : Rhie:1997:SSD.pdf}
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