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      AUTHOR = {Pinkal, Manfred},
      TITLE = {On the Syntactic-Semantic Analysis of Bound Anaphora},
      YEAR = {1991},
      MONTH = {February},
      NUMBER = {6},
      ADDRESS = {Saarbrücken},
      TYPE = {CLAUS-Report},
      INSTITUTION = {Universität des Saarlandes},
      ABSTRACT = {Two well-known phenomena in the area of pronoun binding are considered: ndirect binding of pronouns by indefinite NPs (donkey sentences) and surface-syntactic constraints on binding (weak cross-over). A common treatment is proposed, and general consequences for the relation between syntactic and semantic processing are discussed. It is argued that syntactic and semantic analysis must interact in a complex way, rather than in a simple sequential or strict rule-to-rule fashion.},
      ANNOTE = {COLIURL : Pinkal:1991:SSAa.pdf}
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