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James Henderson, Paola Merlo, Ivan Titov and Gabriele Musillo. Multilingual joint parsing of syntactic and semantic dependencies with a latent variable model. In Computational linguistics, Vol. 39(4):949-998, 2013.   Bibtex entry  google
Note: sonst. Mitarbeiter.
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Ivan Titov, James Henderson, Paola Merlo and Gabriele Musillo. Online graph planarisation for synchronous parsing of semantic and syntactic dependencies. In IJCAI-09 : proceedings of the 21. International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 17 - 18 July 2009, Pasadena, California, US, Pages 1562-1567, Pasadena, Ca., 2009.   Bibtex entry  google
Note: IT.
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Nikolaos Engonopoulos, Martin Villalba, Ivan Titov and Gabriele Musillo. Predicting the resolution of referring expressions from user behavior. In 2013 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing: EMNLP 2013 ; proceedings of the Conference, Pages 13541359, Association for Computational Linguistics, Seattle, Washington, USA, 18-21 October 2013.   Bibtex entry  google
Note: sonst. Mitarbeiter.
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