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Workshop location
Getting to Saarbrücken
Traveling within Saarbrücken
Getting to the workshop
Information about Saarbrücken and Saarland University

Workshop location

The workshop takes place in the auditorium of the new research building for language technology, C7.4, behind the computational linguistics building (C7.1-C7.3).

Here is a map of the campus. Note the building C7.4 in the bottom middle part. Note: Please print this map - finding one's way on the campus is not trivial ;-).

Getting to Saarbrücken
  • By plane:
    • The main international airport serving Saarbrücken is Frankfurt (International). Trains from Frankfurt to Saarbrücken run every hour and take between two and two and a half hours (Deusche Bahn website).
    • Frankfurt/Hahn is not in Frankfurt, despite its name, but in the middle of the woods. It is mainly used by budget airlines for flights within Europe. There is a direct bus shuttle service to Saarbruecken approximately every two to three hours, see Scherer Reisen website. Travel time is 90 minutes.
    • Also in the vicinity, but more difficult to reach: Luxemburg airport and Strasbourg airport.
    • Saarbrücken itself has an airport (Ensheim), but it has planes mainly to and from very few holiday locations, and it is hard to reach by public transport.

  • By train from Frankfurt airport:
    Frankfurt airport has two train stations: for regional trains (''Regionalbahnhof'') and IC/ICE trains (''Fernbahnhof''). As there are both regional and IC/ICE trains to Saarbruecken, go to whichever train station is closer and use the information terminal there to find out where the next train leaves. These terminals also sell tickets (credit card payment).

  • All other means of transport:
  • See the Saarland University location page.

Traveling within Saarbrücken

There is an interactive map of Saarbrücken.

To use the local buses, you can either buy single tickets for 2.00 Euro, day passes for 4.10 Euro or week passes for 13.50 Euro; you need tariff zone 111 (Saarbruecken city). Single tickets can be bought on the bus; day and week passes have to be purchased from a vending machine (e.g. available at Rathaus bus stop) or in the train station: Inside the train station, coming from the trains, turn right at the bakery. The tickets are sold in the VGS shop (''Verkehrsverbund''; green and black sign).

For timetables of the Saarbrücken buses and trams, please see the page of Saarbahn.

Getting to the workshop

Getting to the university by bus

The university campus is outside the city, at maybe 5 kilometers' distance. In general, the buses no. 61, 49 and 69 (to Dudweiler/Dudoplatz or to Universität) leave from the main station, the buses no. 11 and 19 (to Dudweiler/Dudoplatz or to Universität) leave from the city center, and all of them pass Haus der Zukunft. For more specific information please ask at your hotel.

Get off the bus at "Universitaet Campus"; this is the bus stop in the middle of the campus map (below the huge A). Note that the announcement on the bus may be too early; if the bus stops on a slope directly in front of a huge gate, don't get off, wait for the next stop. If you did get off, you're at the bus stop on the left of the map: walk straight ahead onto the campus, along the Forum to the "Universitaet Campus" bus stop.

From the "Universitaet Campus" bus stop, turn right at the cash machine and walk along a cobblestone road (map: between A4.1 and A5.4), straight towards the computational linguistics building at the end of the street. Cross the foyer of C7.3 and you'll find yourself in front of C7.4.

Restaurants - some recommendations
In general, making a reservation is not necessary.
  • Café Kostbar (light food, salats)
    Nauwieserstraße 19
  • Die Kartoffel (Potato-based dishes)
    St. Johanner Markt 32
  • Don Stefano (reasonably priced Italian food)
    Grossherzog-Friedrich-Strasse 24, next to tram station "Landwehrplatz"
  • Haus Brück (German / French)
    Mainzer Strasse 6, next to "Leidinger"
  • Kaspisches Restaurant(good Persian restaurant)
    Landwehrplatz / Rosenstrasse
  • König von Bayern (Bavarian)
    City Hall basement (Rathausplatz 1)
  • Michelangelo (Italian restaurant, expensive, go to first floor)
    Rathausplatz 6
  • Siam (Thai food)
    Mainzer Strasse 22, next to "Leidinger"
  • Star of India (Indian food, tiny restaurant)
    Johannisstr. 17b
  • Stiefelbräu (regional food)
    St. Johanner Markt / Fröschengasse (the door on the corner, restaurant "Stiefel" next door is much more expensive)
  • Tante Maja (Outside seating)
    St. Johanner Markt 8
  • Tierlieb (vegetarian)
    Cecilienstrasse 12
  • To Steki (Greek food, no place for vegetarians)
    Nauwieserplatz 5

Pubs - some recommendations
  • Feinkost Schmitt
    Nassauer Straße 14
  • Hellmut
    Bleichstraße (next to disco Garage)
  • Das Kurze Eck
    Nauwieserstraße 15
  • Kyus
    Bleichstraße (opposite disco Garage)
  • Moloko
    Betzenstrasse (opposite bus stop "Rathaus")
  • Mono
    Nauwieser Straße 38
  • Synop
    Mainzer Straße 1
  • Tante Anna
    Türkenstraße 3
  • Ubu Roi
    Cecilienstraße 15
  • Zapata (pub and tapas)
    Mainzer Strasse 8, next to Leidinger (far end of the courtyard)

This side was created originally by Sabine Schulte im Walde (2005) for the Verb Workshop; current version by Sebastian Pado