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Representation of merging information in XML files.

Annotation differences are currently marked 'source=1' and 'source=2'. Annotations from the file which was loaded for merging first are marked 'source=1', annotations from the second file are marked 'source=2'. An example is given in Figure 11: annotator 1 chose two contituents as ADDRESSE while annotator 2 only chose one of them.

Once the adjudicator has resolved a divergence, the 'source' attribute of the accepted piece of annotation is deleted; the rejected piece of annotation is entirely removed.

Figure 11: Merged subcorpus sample with divergence in ADDRESSE-anntoation-
\begin{figure}\begin{verbatim}<frame name=''Request'' id=''s13065_f0''>
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Aljoscha Burchardt 2007-09-04