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Subcorpus creation

TIGERSearch is incorporated into the tool and can be used extract sub-corpora to be annotated from a ``main''-corpus. For example, to create a subcorpus of all sentences containing the noun Reform, one has to:

  1. Login as Admin.
  2. The directory containing the main corpus (in a subdirectory in TIGER Registry format) has to be specified via the menue Edit$\Rightarrow$Setup.
  3. Open TIGERSearch query window: File$\Rightarrow$Create Subcorpus. If there is more than one corpus in the directory specified above, choose the one to be taken.
  4. Enter a query like [word = /Reform/ & pos=/N.*/].
  5. Enter a name for the resulting sub-corpus.

The resulting subcorpus then appears in the Admin-window and can be opened.

Aljoscha Burchardt 2007-09-04