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The compound "Kompromißkandidat" consists of a frame-evoking element, "Kandidat", and a frame element for that same frame, "Kompromiß". Accordingly, the compound has been split such that the two parts can be annotated separately. The same holds for the compounds "Regierungschef" and "Machtkämpfe".

Currently FrameNet does not contain a frame that would be appropriate for the word "Kandidat" of this sentence. So "Kandidat" has been assigned an Unknown frame. Still the one core frame element present has been marked as Fe1.

The Duration role of the frame "Leadership" is filled by the words "für den Übergang bis zum Abschluß der Machtkämpfe". As there is no single node of the syntactic structure that covers these words, the edge for the frame element Duration is split.

In the frame "Hostile_encounter", it is not clear whether "Macht" is the issue of the fight or the goal that the fighters pursue. Accordingly both frame elements have been assigned in an underspecified fashion.

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