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The MULI project focussed on analysing information structure in German and English texts on several linguistic levels. For this purpose, we annotated
  • on the prosody level: pitch accents and boundary tones as well as phrase breaks in read texts
  • on the syntax level: those constructions which deviate from the canonical clause structure
  • on the discourse level: referential elements and their properties as well as anaphoric relations between these elements.
The texts were annotated on a theory-neutral basis. In concrete terms, MULI aimed at developing methods and tools for the efficient and accurate annotation of information structural means. On a more abstract level, the project served to enrich existing linguistic data bases with additional information concerning the interface between intonation, syntax and semantics.
The project was a cooperation between Erich Steiner's group for English Linguistics and Translation Science at the Institute for Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting and Hans Uszkoreit's group at the Computational Linguistics Department. It was sponsored by the Saarland University.