3.1.3 Searle's Classification of Speech Acts

[Sea75] suggests the following classification of speech acts.

[Sea75] suggests the following classification of speech acts:

Assertives :

They commit the speaker to something being the case. The different kinds are: suggesting, putting forward, swearing, boasting, concluding. Example: ``No one makes a better cake than me''.

Directives :

They try to make the addressee perform an action. The different kinds are: asking, ordering, requesting, inviting, advising, begging. Example: ``Could you close the window?''.

Commisives :

They commit the speaker to doing something in the future. The different kinds are: promising, planning, vowing, betting, opposing. Example: ``I'm going to Paris tomorrow''.

Expressives :

They express how the speaker feels about the situation. The different kinds are: thanking, apologising, welcoming, deploring. Example: ``I am sorry that I lied to you''.

Declarations :

They change the state of the world in an immediate way. Examples: ``You are fired, I swear, I beg you''.

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