11.4.5 Grammar rules for discourse

Declaration of grammar rules for discourse.

To finish off, we'll extend our grammar with some rules for discourse:

d2(D2)--> d1(D1), {combine(d2:D2,[d1:D1])}.

d1(D1)--> s2(S2), {combine(d1:D1,[s2:S2])}.
d1(D1)--> s2(S2), d1(D2), {combine(d1:D1,[s2:S2,conj,d1:D2])}.
d1(D1)--> s2(S2), {lexicon(coord,_,Word,Type)}, Word, d1(D2), {combine(d1:D1,[s2:S2,Type,d1:D2])}.

The first four rules allow us to make small discourses by sequencing sentences (we have introduced a new category D for `discourse'). The second set of rules cover basic sentences and conditionals.

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