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Social Activities

Wednesday, June10

In the afternoon: swimming in the Oggenrieder Weiher. The Oggenrieder Weiher is 5-10 walking minutes from Kloster Irsee, and the access is free.

At night: get together in the park (outdoor games).

Thursday, June 11

8pm: drinks at the brewery. The brewery is close to Kloster Irsee (see here). Different self-brewed beers are on the menu.

Friday, June 12

8pm: Power-Point Karaoke. Train your spontaneous presentation skills - unknown slides about random topics have to be presented ad hoc.

Saturday, June 13

7pm: trip to Kaufbeuren (potentially by foot). Kaufbeuren is about 7km from Irsee (see here). There are pubs as well as a cinema and a kart track.

Sunday, June 14

10am: trip to Munich. We will first go to Kaufbeuren by taxi/bus and from Kaufbeuren station to Munich main station. The way takes approx. 90 minutes and will cost about 40€ return. More information abour Munich will be provided.

Alternative option: Hiking- and Castle-Trip in the Alps. We will take the train from Kaufbeuren station to Fussen (about one hour, return ticket 17€ or less). From there, the great Three-Castle-Panorama Hike to Schloss Neuschwanstein (about 90 minutes walk, 5km) will start, passing beautiful nature, lakes, and castles. Optional visit of Schloss Neuschwanstein (8/9€), group pictures with friendly Japanese people for free. Walk back to Fussen via another route (going back by bus possible). Visit of Fussen.

Monday, June 15

8pm: movie night.

Tuesday, June 16

8pm: indoor games tourney (table tennis, tabletop soccer, pool).

Wednesday, June 17

4pm: Guided tour of the brewery. The guided tour takes about 90 minutes and costs 5€/person (including tasting).

Thursday, June 18


For more information about the social activities, contact Judith Köhne.

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