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The IRTG summer school will take place at Kloster Irsee, a conference centre near Kaufbeuren. You can find some general information about the venue here.

How to get there

Take the suburban railway (S-Bahn) from Munich airport to Pasing (station Munchen-Pasing; not Hauptbahnhof or any other station in Munich). Note that S8 is the only line that connects the airport and Pasing; don't take the S1, for instance.

From Pasing there are frequent regional trains to Kaufbeuren (every 30 min approx). The trip takes about 2 hours in total, and here is a sample itinerary:



Munchen Airport 10.06.09 dep 18:02 2 S8
Munchen-Pasing 10.06.09 arr 18:52 6/7

Munchen-Pasing 10.06.09 dep 18:59 2 RE32618
Kaufbeuren 10.06.09 arr 19:55 1


Note that you can buy tickets for the whole trip at Munich airport train station (one ticket for both S-Bahn and regional train). The fare is about EUR 22 (single; return is twice that). The station staff speak English and will also be able to print an itinerary for you. Alternatively, you can get your ticket from the ticket machines at the station (which can be switched to English).

From Kaufbeuren station, please take a taxi to the conference centre. It's about 8 km and should take 10-15 min, cost about EUR 20. Please share a cab if you can. There should be cabs outside the train station, but if you can't find one, call a taxi on 08341 2000. The dialing code for Germany is +49.

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