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Computational Modelling of Discourse and Semantics

About the Group

The most convenient way for humans to interact with intelligent systems is usually via language. To communicate naturally with their users, computer systems need to be equipped with the means to efficiently process language and extract meaning from it. However, computing the meaning of an utterance is a complex task, which involves various linguistic levels: the lexical meaning of individual words, the semantic argument structure of clauses and sentences (who did what to whom?), the discourse context (how does a sentence relate to its neighbouring sentences?), and finally the situational context (who is speaking/listening?; what does the speaker want to achieve by making the utterance?). We aim to address this task by developing robust and flexible models of discourse meaning which are able to draw on various information sources to determine the most likely interpretation given the context.

Research topics we are currently working on include:

More information can be found on our research page.

The junior research group was established in September 2008 and is funded by Saarland University's Cluster of Excellence on "Multimodal Computing and Interaction (MMCI)".


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