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utool: The Swiss Army Knife of Underspecification

Utool solves underspecified descriptions in various formalisms, using the fastest currently (2005) known underspecification solver. It will also convert between different formalisms for scope underspecification, solve underspecified descriptions efficiently, and perform some utility tasks such as a net test. It is implemented in C++.

utool can be obtained from its home page.

XDG Development Kit (XDK)

Extensible Dependency Grammar (XDG) is a general framework for dependency grammar, with multiple levels of linguistic representations called dimensions, e.g. grammatical function, word order, predicate-argument structure, scope structure, information structure and prosodic structure. It is articulated around a graph description language for multi-dimensional attributed labeled graphs.

XDK, an implementation of XDG, is available here.


The old CHORUS demo is no longer available. However some modules of it implemented in Mozart/Oz can be obtained from the MOGUL-Homepage.