Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Fachrichtung 4.7 Universität des Saarlandes

List of Requirements


Specialization: Computational Psycholinguistics
Courses Hours Credit Points Comments
1 First Area: Computational Psycholinguistics
CP Computational Psycholinguistics 2lec 2ex 6 obligatory course; must be graded
CP Empirical Methods 2lec 2ex 6 obligatory course; must be graded
  Total   12  
2 Second and Third Area: Linguistics / Computational Linguistics
CL Foundations of Language Science and Technology 4lec 2ex 9 obligatory course; must be graded
CL/L Core course in L or CL 2lec 2ex 6 obligatory course; must be graded
  Total   15  
3 Additional Courses with ≥48, consisting of
a Specialization Courses (non-core courses) from CP, CL and L   ≥ 9 ≥38 CP of the courses in 3 must be graded; thus you can determine a total of ≤10 CP from these courses to count as ungraded.
b Courses from areas LT and/or SS&T   ≥ 9
c Courses from Computer Science and/or Cognitive Psychology   8-15
d Courses in 3a or 3b must include a seminar (presentation and paper)   7 must be graded
e In one of the courses in 3a-d (preferably in a seminar) one oral exam has to be taken
  Total   ≥ 48  
4 Master Seminar   12 ungraded; must result in a thesis prospectus; 3rd semester
5 Colloquium   3 oral presentation of main points of M.Sc. thesis; must be graded
6 Master's Thesis   30 4th semester
Total   ≥ 120  

Sample Study Schedule

This schedule serves only as an example. Your own schedule may deviate from this except for the obligatory core course(s), providing the requirements of your specialization are satisfied and depending on the availability of courses.

Semester Area CP Area L/CL Specialization Courses
(min. 9 Pts.) CP/L/CL
Additional Courses
(min. 9 Pts. from LT or SS&T; 8-15 Pts. from Computer Science and/or Cognitive Psychology)
Computational Psycholinguistics
6 Pts.
Foundations of Language Science and Technology
9 Pts.
  Language Technology I (LT)
6 Pts.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
9 Pts.
30 Pts.
Experimental Methods
6 Pts.
Computational Linguistics
6 Pts.
Lecture in CP/L/CL
3 Pts.
Seminar in SS&T
7 Pts.

Lecture in Cognitive Psychology
6 Pts.
28 Pts.
Master Seminar
12 Pts.
  Seminar in CP/L/CL
7 Pts.
7 Pts.

3 Pts.

29 Pts.
Master's Thesis
30 Pts.
3 Pts.
33 Pts.


Courses lec Lecture
  ex Excercise
Areas L Linguistics
  CL Computational Linguistics
  CP Computational Psycholinguistics
  LT Language Technology
  SS&T Speech Science & Technology