Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Fachrichtung 4.7 Universität des Saarlandes

Voicebuilding for Text-to-speech Synthesis

Projektseminar: Computerlinguistik, B.Sc./M.Sc.

Leitung: Ingmar Steiner
Ort: C7.2, 2.11
Zeit: Blockseminar, 11.-15. April 2015
Beginn: 11. April 2016, 10:00
Geeignet für: B.Sc./M.Sc.

This seminar will allow the participants to build their own voices for TTS synthesis. This includes designing and recording (in a professional studio!) small speech databases and processing them with open-source tools.

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Text-to-Speech synthesis (Möbius)

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