Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Fachrichtung 4.7 Universität des Saarlandes

Statistical Natural Language Processing

Vorlesung mit Übung: Computerlinguistik, M.Sc.

Leitung: Dietrich Klakow
Ort: C72 Seminarraum 1.12
Zeit: V: Fri 8-10; Ü: TBA
Beginn: 29.04.2016
Geeignet für: M.Sc.

How does a search engine find the right web page? How can information be extracted from e-mails. The lecture will introduce statistical methods to process natural language. Also common themes like the design of classifiers will be treated. The lecture covers the following topics: # statistical language processing: basic terms # mathematical foundations # word sense disambiguation # part-of-speech tagging # named-entity recognition # statistical methods in information retrieval # text classification

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Chris Manning and Hinrich Schütze Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing MIT Press. Cambridge, MA: May 1999.

Most likely written exam (oral option in additon possible)

Stellung im Studienplan
M.Sc. Program:Specialization course
Area: CL, LT
Standard time slot 2nd semester.

6 CP