Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Fachrichtung 4.7 Universität des Saarlandes
The EMMLCT Program The Erasmus-Mundus Program

EMMLCT Study Requirements at COLI

Since EMMLCT students study at two partner universities, they fulfill the EMMLCT graduation requirements by fulfilling the local requirements at both partners.

While studying one year at the Saarland University as part of the EMMLCT program, you will be studying at the Department of Computational Linguistics and Phonetics (COLI) within the local MSc program "Language Science and Technology (LST).

Upon the successful completion of both years of the EMMLCT program, you will be awarded two Masters degrees. That from Saarland University will be in "Language Science and Technology". The completion of the double degree EMMLCT program is indicated through a diploma supplement.

EMMLCT students studying at COLI have to fulfill the graduation requirements of the local LST Masters program as specified in the COLI Study and Examination Regulations.

In a nutshell, the requirements are:

  • at least 120 ECTS credits points, of which:
    • at least 68 graded credit points from coursework
    • at least 24 credit points from core courses (corresponding to 4 core courses at COLI)
    • at least 7 graded credit points from a seminar
    • at least 8 credit points from courses at a Computer Science or Cognitive Psychology department
    • 12 ungraded credit points for the Master Seminar (see under Master Thesis)
    • 30 credit points for the Master Thesis

  • the Foundations of Speech and Science Technology core course

  • at least one oral examination

  • Master Thesis
    See the checklist for thesis submission
    Note: The checklist contains points that apply directly to EMMLCT students submitting at COLI, the default submission deadline of September 30.
Please consult, e.g., the "no specialization" study program at the LST Specializations website.

Upon application with the COLI examination board, represented by the student advisor, courses taken at the other partner university can be recognized towards fulfilling (some of) the above requirements, in particular, certain courses at the partner university can be recognized towards fulfilling (some of) the core-course requirements and/or the computer-science and/or cognitive-psychology course requirement, and an oral examination can also be recognized from the other partner university.

Every EMMLCT student is advised to consult about course recognition with their tutor or the student advisor in an early stage, i.e., when deciding about the first/second year study plan(s).

See Study and Examination Regulations for the complete formulation of the study requirements and rules of the local LST Master Program at COLI, which apply also to EMMLCT students.