Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Computational Linguistics & Phonetics Fachrichtung 4.7 Universität des Saarlandes

Speech Science

Vorlesung mit Übung: Computerlinguistik/Phonetik, M.Sc.

Leitung: Bernd Möbius, Jeanin Jügler
Ort: Geb. C7.2, Raum 5.09
Zeit: V: Thu 10-12; Ü: Tue 12-14
Beginn: ab 03.11.2016
Geeignet für: M.Sc.

This course, consisting of a lecture and an exercise session, gives an overview of the three main areas of Speech Science: speech production, the acoustic structure of speech and speech perception. The topics covered include the anatomy and physiology of speech production; articulation and the symbolic representation of speech; theories of speech production control; the source-filter model of speech production and the acoustic properties of sound classes; the ear and hearing physiology, theories of speech perception.

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Suggested companion text book:
John Clark, Colin Yallop, Janet Fletcher (2007): An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology, 3rd ed. Blackwell. The Speech Sciences. San Diego, London: Singular Publishing Group, 1997

Completion of exercises; written exam at end of term

Stellung im Studienplan
M.Sc. LST: core course SS&T, obligatory for specialization P&ST

M.Sc. LS&T: 6 LP.