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Recording Lab

The recording laboratory of the Phonetics Department is located in C7.4, Room 101.

The lab provides facilities and equipment for professional-quality speech recordings and for speech production and perception studies, in research and teaching. The sound-insulated recording booth is suitable for single-speaker and dialog recordings.

Recording Lab A laboratory calendar controls the lab's occupancy and prevents overlaps and disturbances during a recording session.

The lab is available upon request to research and teaching staff as well as students for thesis and course work. Application forms are available for download (see below).

Usage agreement and application forms
Laboratory calendar
RecordingLab Manual (German)

  • Studiobox Premium, sound attenuation Dn,w 42 dB
  • Digital Mixer Yamaha N12
  • ProTools and Software Cubase AI 5


Building C7.4
Room 101
Saarland University

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Person responsible: Jürgen Trouvain
Student assistant: Katie Ann Dunfield