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PhD defense Jeanin Jügler

Congratulations to Jeanin Jügler, who defended her PhD dissertation at Saarland University on March 3, 2017! The title of her thesis is "The Impact of Training Procedures on the Pronunciation of Stops in Second Language Acquisition: The Case of German Learners of French".

Venia legendi for Bistra Andreeva

Bistra Andreeva was awarded the academic title of Privatdozent after her successful habilitation colloquium on Feb 7, 2017. She received the venia legendi for phonetics and phonology. The title of her habilitation thesis is "Contrastive Prosody: Bulgarian vs. German".
Congratulations, Bistra!

Yesterday's News

Interspeech 2016 in San Francisco

The following papers authored by members of the Phonetics group have been accepted for publication and presentation at Interspeech in San Francisco in September 2016.

Jürgen Trouvain and Zofia Malisz:
Inter-speech clicks in an Interspeech keynote

Jeanin Jügler, Frank Zimmerer, Jürgen Trouvain and Bernd Möbius:
The Perceptual Effect of L1 Prosody Transplantation on L2 speech: The case of French accented German

Manfred Pützer, Frank Zimmerer, Wolfgang Wokurek and Jeanin Jügler:
Evaluation of Phonatory Behavior of German and French Speakers in Native and Non-native Speech

Kristy James, Alexander Hewer, Ingmar Steiner and Stefanie Wuhrer:
A real-time framework for visual feedback of articulatory data using statistical shape models

Speech Prosody 2016 in Boston

The following papers authored by members of the Phonetics group have been accepted for publication and presentation at Speech Prosody in Boston in May 2016.

Jürgen Trouvain, Camille Fauth and Bernd Möbius:
Breath and Non-breath Pauses in Fluent and Disfluent Phases of German and French L1 and L2 Read Speech

Sébastien Le Maguer, Bernd Möbius and Ingmar Steiner:
Toward the use of information density based descriptive features in HMM based speech synthesis

Frank Zimmerer, Anne Bonneau and Bistra Andreeva:
Influence of L1 prominence on L2 production of French and German speakers

Erika Schulz, Yoon Mi Oh, Zofia Malisz, Bistra Andreeva and Bernd Möbius:
Impact of prosodic structure and information density on vowel space size

Bistra Andreeva, Silvia Bonacchi, William Barry:
Prosodic cues of genuine and mock impoliteness in German and Polish

New DFG-funded project HCI Convergence

Phonetic convergence, defined as an increase in similarity between the speech characteristics of two speakers, is a well-established phenomenon of spoken language in natural dialogs. Does it also occur in human-machine communication? And should a speech synthesizer be capable of adapting its speech output to the user's speech patterns? These questions will be investigated by the new research project "Phonetic Convergence in Human-Computer Interaction", funded by the German Research Council (DFG) and coordinated by Prof. Bernd Möbius and Dr. Ingmar Steiner.