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Socrates-Erasmus Programme at CoLi

If you are from Computational Linguistics and want to go abroad...

Duration of study visits

  • Student mobilities can be contracted for minimally 3 months and maximally 9 months, excepting the students in the first academic year. Academic calendars can vary in different countries.
  • The contracted funding is offered for the promotion of studies.
  • Each applicant can only get an Erasmus grant once; mutliple study visits abroad are possible, but the applicant can then only get the Erasmus status, not a second grant - the Erasmus status means that student doesn`t have to pay tuition fees at the host university.

Application dates

  • NEW NEW The deadline for applications for the summer semester 2009 is September 15, 2009.

  • You should contact me well ahead of this official deadline, for example by email or come to a consultation. I'll need to know your name, email address, which university you woudld like to visit, when and for how long. Applications will be handled on first-come first-served basis. Erasmus office hours are Tuesdays from 10-11 AM.
  • The university-wide deadline for each following academic year is beginning of June , e.g., June 2007 for 2007/2008, June 2008 for 2008/2009, etc.

Application procedure

  • The applicant has to fill in:
    • the application statement (Annahmeerklärung)
    • the acceptance statement (Bestätigung)
  • The forms are sent out each year from the International Office, and they are then distributed to approved students. You will need to fill out all forms and obtain signatures both from the departmental coordinator and the university's central Erasmus officer.

Leave of Absence (free semester, Beurlaubung)

  • Students going away on Erasmus, should take an vacation semester at their home university;  they can then get their semester ticket reimboursed, for example.

Tuition Fees (Studiengebühren)

  • Erasmus students pay no tuition fees at the partner university
  • Students going away on Erasmus still pay tuition fees at their home university, if applicable (even if they take a free semester)

Academic Recognition of achieved study records

  • The students are also recommended to get in contact with the student adviser of the CoLi-SB department, Dr. Werner Saurer with regard to the academic recognition of the credit points that are to be achieved at the host university . More Information on the European Credit Point Transfer System (ECTS) you can find here.

Financial support

  • The SOCRATES/ERASMUS Programm awards a grant which is intended as contribution towards covering the difference in living expenses abroad, it is not a full scholarship.
  • It is estimated at about 140 euro per month; the grant amount takes into consideration various factors such as: the number of semesters abroad, countries with high living expenses (Scandinavia, capital cities) or "underrepresented" countries (mainly) Eastern Europe.
  • Each Erasmus student will have to cover extra costs involved in studying abroad, such as travel expenses, language preparation costs, higher general costs of living in the host country.
  • BAföG - a student can apply for an Erasmus and BAföG grant simultaneously; any other grant is incompatible with Erasmus grant.

Internship (Praktikum)

  • It is possible to combine Erasmus study stay with an internship (Praktikum), provided that the work placement is combined with a minimum period of three months of academic studies and that it is recognised as an integral part of educational programme and of the Learning Agreement.
  • Erasmus students may do an internship (Praktikum) either before or after the studying period. They can get an Erasmus grant for this period, it as long as this period is directly before or after the studying.
  • A letter from the company for which the student works is needed, specifying s/he is working for them as an internee.
  • Internship (Praktikum) included, the Erasmus period should not exceed 12 months. (Without internship, it is a maximum of 9 months.)

Insurance Cover

  • The contracted student mobility does not imply an insurance cover against damages that may occur in cases of illness, death, accident , injuries during the SOCRATES/ERASMUS study visit. The applicants have to cover by themselves all necessary kinds of expenses for the contracted period of time abroad.
  • For example, there is the possibility for SOCRATES/ERASMUS applicants to contract a temporary insurance with the DAAD Insurance Group
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