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Socrates-Erasmus Programme at CoLi

If you want to go abroad for an internship...

There is an Erasmus-Programme for students of the Universität des Saarlandes to go abroad for an internship. Information about the programme, conditions and the application procedure can be found at the homepage of the Uds (in German).


  • The Internship has to last between 3 and 12 month; only a full time internship will be supported.
  • The internship has to be an obligatory part of the studies.
  • You can do the internship in different companies, professional education institutions, research centres or other institutions. It is not possible to go to institutions or organisations of the European Union.
  • If you're already supported by another institution you can take part at the programme but you won't get financial support from the Erasmus-Programme.
  • You have to get health insurance, accident insurance and indemnity insurance for foreign countries on your own, the insurances are not a part of the Erasmus-Programme.

What you get from Erasmus...

  • Financial support from the European Union each month.
  • An EU-trainee contract between the university, the company and the student.
  • It is possible to take part in an EILC-language course in the foreign country for free (separate application).
  • Important: Insurance cover is not included!


  • You have to find a traineeship by yourself.
  • You can apply anytime, but you should apply at least 2 months before the internship starts.
  • Application form of the Universität des Saarlandes