Winter 2017/18, Möbius (Seminar, 2 SWS), LSF/HIS #104151

M.Sc. Language Science and Technology, B.Sc. Computerlinguistik

Thu 08.30-10.00, C7.2/5.09

Entrance requirements

M.Sc.: Speech Science (recommended); B.Sc. Einführung in die Phonetik und Phonologie und weiterführende Phonetik-Kurse

Bachelor students: Have a look at some of the papers below. If in doubt, please get in touch with the lecturer.

Course description

Sociophonetics is a sub-branch of phonetics and linguistics that has attracted a great deal of attention over the last decade. Recent advances in speech science and their technological simulations allow increasingly sophisticated studies of the progress of intralingual language contact and change. These studies, particularly those at the level of pronunciation, show that language variety is robust and socially embedded in interesting ways. Instrumental studies of language variety contact and change have focused on the role of social categories and attitudes in variety perception as well as production. Some of the studies covered in this course look at the specific role of social factors in the formation, progress, and deterrence of intralingual contact and change; while others look at the ways in which social identities and beliefs influence a listener's ability to identify and comprehend varieties. These studies use detailed acoustic analyses of production speech data and of responses to samples of data based on such analyses. The course also provides a review of practices in the field, including those of collection, analysis, and interpretation.

Course credits

7 CP (presentation and paper) or 4 CP (presentation only).
Active participation on a regular basis required.


Participation: You are expected to be physically present throughout the seminar and take part in the discussion.
You may miss maximally one class without formal consequences. Please send me an email message in this case, just saying that you will not take part, no explanation required. In case you cannot make it a second or third time, you have to write and submit a summary of the papers to be read (minimum one page per paper).

Reading: For each class, you are required to read one or two papers. For each paper, please send me one question that you want to be answered or discussed in class (on the day preceding the class, before midnight).

Presentation: An oral presentation of 30-45 minutes, typically based on a core paper and maybe some complementary reading. Please contact me (1) when you have been assigned a topic/paper and want to start working on it; (2) when you have a pre-final draft version of the presentation. After your presentation I will provide feedback to you. The final version of your slides will be posted on the course homepage.

Term Paper: MSc students opting for the 7 CP version have to write a term paper (deadlines see below). The topic of the paper need not be identical or overlap with the topic of your oral presentation.

Oral Exam: If you decide to take an oral exam, we will together select 2 topics, which are disjoint from the topics of your presentation and term paper. Exam duration is 15-20 minutes.


Exam registration: Jan 17, 2018
Term paper: April 9, 2018

  Prof. Dr. Bernd Möbius

Schedule (tentative, to be discussed)

Session Topic/Paper Presented by Slides etc.
26.10. Introduction Möbius
09.11. Paper assignments, session planning
discuss Gordon:2006 and Hay/Drager:2007
16.11. Hay/etal:2006b, AUS vs. NZL Pomi slides
23.11. Harrington:2006, Queen's English Hali
30.11. Johnson:2006a, Emergence of social identity Katie
14.12. Keiser/etal:1997, Northern cities shift Marc slides
21.12. Hay/etal:2006a, Context for merger Lukas slides
04.01. Heffernan:2004, Social maker of gender Eleni slides
11.01. Cheshire:2002, Sex and gender Iza slides
25.01. Clopper/Pisoni:2005, Dialect perception Stefan slides

Papers (accessible internally only)

- Background
  . Gordon:2006, Interview mit Labov [all] - pdf
  . Hay/Drager:2007, Sociophonetics [] - pdf
- Methods
  . Labov:2006, Sociolinguistics and sociophonetics [] - pdf
  . Mendoza/etal:2003, Probabilistic sociolinguistics [] - pdf
  . Pierrehumbert:2006a, Next toolkit [] - pdf
  . Sankoff/Labov:1979, VARBRUL [] - pdf
- Sociophonetic studies
  . Foulkes/Docherty:2006, Phonetics and phonology [] - pdf
  . Harrington:2006, Queen's English [] - pdf
  . Hay/etal:2006b, AUS vs. NZL [] - pdf
  . Johnson:2006a, Emergence of social identity [] - pdf
  . Hay/etal:2006a, Context for merger [] - pdf
- Sociolinguistic studies
  . Strand:1999, Gender stereotypes [] - pdf
  . Cheshire:2002, Sex and gender [] - pdf
  . Clopper/Pisoni:2005, Dialect perception [] - pdf
  . Heffernan:2004, Social maker of gender [] - pdf
  . Keiser/etal:1997, Northern cities shift [] - pdf

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