Spoken dialog systems for elevator control

Seminar Summer 2015

Course Information

Ingmar Steiner
Asad Sayeed
Arif Khan
Aquarium, 3rd Floor, Building C7.4
Meeting times
Wednesdays at 14h–16h
steiner at coli d0t uni hyph3n saarland d0t de
asayeed at coli d0t uni hyph3n saarland d0t de
arifkhan at coli d0t uni hyph3n saarland d0t de
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Goals of the project course

The talking elevator in building C7.4 has come to be an iconic feature of the CoLi department. This software project will develop a spoken dialog system to upgrade the one currently installed. The participants will work on several components, including:

We will place strong emphasis on team-based collaboration in the context of designing, integrating, and testing the components, before the full system is deployed to the elevator itself.

Mailing List

If you want to participate in the course, you have to sign up for the mailing list. Sometimes we will point out material this way, and we also encourage using the list for discussion purposes.


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