Topics in alphabetical order


1) Accommodation:


2) Catering:

The student cafeteria (Mensa) offers a good variety of reasonably-prized meals.

At lunch time (11.30 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.) there is a choice of

The prize for a set 3-course meal is DM 3,50 for students, DM 5,60 for scholars.

The prize of main dishes varies from DM 3,40 to DM 3,80. Side dishes cost about DM 1,--, salads DM 0,85, and desserts DM 1,--. Again, prizes for scholars are slightly higher.

At dinner time there will be a reduced choice of different meals and snacks. Please note that meals are not available at the weekend.

Also, several cafés on campus will be open during the Summer School which serve snacks and pub food. Prizes are similar to those at the Mensa.

In the town center you will find all sorts of restaurants (Chinese, Italian, Greek, Japanese, etc.) and pubs which serve snacks.


3) Check-in Procedure:

On Sunday, August 16, 1998 check-in will be possible from 11 am until 10 pm in building 46 (MPI Informatik) at the university.

We will have shuttle buses from the airport Saarbruecken-Ensheim and the central train station in Saarbruecken. Please look out for the blue ESSLLI 98 logo at the exit.

The buses will take you to the university to building 46 (MPI Informatik) where the check-in takes place.

For those coming by car the address is

Building 46 (MPI Informatik)

University of the Saarland



For further directions please check the page providing information on Saarbruecken.

The check-in desks will be organized by countries. At the desk you will receive the ESSLLI 98 folder with information about Saarbruecken, the campus, a map of Saarbruecken, translations of the menu at the Mensa (student cafeteria), etc. You will also be given the final invoice (accommodation, readers, t-shirt, mug, etc).

Next you go to the cashdesk to settle your the invoice. Make sure to bring your credit card, cheques or cash (in DM, please! We cannot accept foreign currencies).

After the invoice has been payed and stamped by the cashier you will receive the key for your accommodation (if opted for student hall, youth hostel or private accommodation), a code card for the Mensa and the order list to pick up your readers.

The readers, t-shirts and mugs will be handed out in the adjoining building (45, Informatik). There you will also find a "café" to relax from the check-in procedure.

Whenever you feel like it you can take one of the shuttle buses back into town to your place of accommodation.

The official ESSLLI 98 opening ceremony takes place at 7.30 pm in building 22 (Physik).

From 7.30 pm until 10 pm registration is possible in building 45 (Informatik).

All ESSLLI 98 participants arriving at a later date can check-in from 8.30 am until 6 pm (Monday-Friday) at the ESSLLI 98 office in building 45 (Informatik, ground floor).

For participants attending FHCG 98 and ESSLLI 98 check-in is possible on August 13, 1998 from 4 pm until 8 pm or on August 14, 1998 from 8 am until 9.30 am at the ESSLLI 98 office in building 45 (Informatik, ground floor).


4) Child Care:

Please get in touch with Sabine Klingner: if you are interested in arrangements for child care.


5) ESSLLI 98 Shop

Please go to the ESSLLI 98 Shop to inquire about prices of course notes, CD-ROM, party tickets etc.


6) Fees:

Early registration fees:

Students DM 300,--
Scholars DM 500,--
Industrial participants DM 900,--

Deadline for early registration: April 30, 1998

Workshop speakers are eliglible to the reduced, i.e. "early" registration fee.


Late registration fees:

Students DM 330,--
Scholars DM 550,--
Industrial participants DM 990,--

For registrations after April 30, 1998

Registration is still possible until August 16, 1998.


7) Grants:

The grant includes a waiver of registration fee and free accommodation in the youth hostel for students from countries with a difficult economic background, e.g. East European countries, etc.

When sending the registration form, please hand in the following information by e-mail, fax oder regular mail, too:

Please note that when filling in the online registration form you should tick "other" when asked for method of payment (don't worry about the comment). Unless you mark one of the options the form cannot be sent to ESSLLI 98.

Deadline for application: May 31, 1998

>>Sorry, no more grants available!<<


8) Health Insurance:

The University of the Saarland offers a special health insurance for all ESSLLI 98 participants whose insurance at home does not cover the trip to Germany.

It costs DM 1,40 per day and includes the day of arrival and departure.

There will be a special desk on August 16, 1998 for those interested in the insurance. All we need is your name and date of birth.


9) List of Participants


10) Online Registration Form

When using the online registration form you will receive an automatic confirmation of registration by e-mail.

Should you need a more official confirmation on ESSLLI stationary please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. All you have to do is send us an e-mail with the text of your personal confirmation.

We could, of course, use a general text but experience shows that for different participants different information has to be included in the individual letters of confirmation. That's why we are asking you to make up your own text.