Centre for Computational Linguistics, University of Leuven

Second week
Course description

There will be 5 sessions. They will be devoted to the following themes:

  • Translation and Compositionality
  • Computational Semantics and Machine Translation this also includes the integration of linguistic and extra-linguistic knowledge
  • Competence-based vs. performance-based models for MT the former are typically rule- or constraint-based; the latter are typically corpus- or example-based
  • Formalisms for Machine Translation
  • Machine Translation of spoken language

For each of these topics I foresee three talks of 30 minutes; at most one talk per session will be done by an invited speaker:

Monday, August 24:

  • Jan Landsbergen(IPO, Eindhoven, The Netherlands): "Compositional Translation Revisited"
  • Pius ten Hacken (University of Basel, Switzerland): "Science and Technology in Machine Translation"

Tuesday, August 25:

  • Michael Carl (IAI, Saarbruecken, Germany): "Meaning preservation in Machine Translation"
  • Harold Somers (UMIST, Manchester, United Kingdom): " "New Paradigms" in MT: the State of the Play now that the Dust has Settled"

Wednesday, August 26:

  • Ismael García-Varea & Francisco Casacuberta (University of Valencia, Spain): "Statistical Translation in Limited Domain Tasks"
  • Michael Carl, Leonid L. Iomdin & Oliver Streiter (IAI, Saarbruecken, Germany and IPPI, Moscow, Russia): "Towards a Dynamic Linkage of Example-based and Rule-based Machine Translation"

Thursday, August 27:

  • Remi Zajac (New Mexico State University, USA): "MT Express"
  • Krzysztof Jassem, Maciej Lison, Filip Gralinski & Boguslaw Rutkowski (University of Poznan, Poland): "A Polish-to-English Electronic Dictionary Designed for the Purpose of MT"

Friday, August 28:

  • Demonstrations of the systems presented by
    • M. Carl, L. L. Iomdin and O. Streiter
    • K. Jassem, M. Lison, F. Gralinski and B. Rutkowski



Some recent relevant literature

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