A note for presenters - Format of the presentations

Invited talks: 60 min slots (50 mins for the talks and 10 mins for discussion)

Oral presentations: 30 min slots (20 mins for the talk and 10 mins for discussion)

Poster presentations: Poster walls are in portrait format and big enough to hold A0 posters.

Here is a pdf of the abstracts booklet.

Workshop dinner (registration closed): Sat Aug 18 at "Da Toni's" (19:30),
Address: Mainzerstr. 3 (opposite "Domicil Leidinger")

TIME DAY 1, Aug 17
10:30 Rolf Zwaan
11:00 Rolf Zwaan
11:30 Pecher: Activation and retention of modality-specific information during language comprehension
12:00 LUNCH
12:30 LUNCH
13:00 LUNCH
13:30 Lynott, Coventry, & Peacock: Motion in Music: The effects of auditory motion on sentence comprehension
14:00 Claus & Bader: Pushing versus pulling: Desiderative sentence mood facilitates approach related motor actions
14:30 Elke van der Meer
15:00 Elke van der Meer
15:30 Coffee
16:00 Casasanto & Lozano: Embodied Language Production: Evidence from gesture, speech disfluency, and motor action
16:30 Bergen & Wheeler: Grammar modulates mental simulation
17:00 Friedemann Pulvermueller
17:30 Friedemann Pulvermueller
18:00 Reception
18:30 Reception
TIME DAY 2, Aug 18
9:00 Casasanto & Lozano: Embodiment of Abstract Concepts: Neurocognitive Evidence from Motor-Meaning Congruity and Visual Hemifield Effects
9:30 Pyykknen, van Gompel, & Hyn: Use of visual scene to facilitate spoken language comprehension
10:00 Kelter& Claus: Processing visuospatial information during reading and listening: the reading-interference hypothesis
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Crocker, Mayberry, Knoeferle:
11:30 Language, scene & attention: Towards a computational theory of situated comprehension
12:00 Lunch / Posters
12:30 Lunch / Posters
13:00 Lunch / Posters
13:30 Lunch / Posters
14:00 Marco Tettamanti
14:30 Marco Tettamanti
15:00 Connell & Lynott: Effects of Implied Perceptual Information on Stroop Colour-Naming
15:30 Lindsay: The Word Action Compatibility Effect (WACE)
16:00 Coffee
16:30 Kim, Bergen, & Ko: Simulating different types of negation
17:00 Luedtke & Kaup: Is a drawer that is "still open" mentally closed? Action-compatibility effects with sentences that do not describe a movement but a state
17:30 Peter Dominey
18:00 Peter Dominey
19:30 Dinner
TIME DAY 3, Aug 19
9:00 Giovanni Buccino
9:30 Giovanni Buccino
10:00 Coventry: Spatial Language Comprehension Activates Premotor Areas, and Mediates MT+ Activation During Processing of Static Images with Implied Motion
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Matlock, Cargill, Fausey, and Spivey: The influence of linguistic aspect on motion trajectories: On the path to understanding the dynamics of perceptual simulation
11:30 Lawrence Barsalou
12:00 Lawrence Barsalou